Levels Of Food Safety Training Courses

The training for hygiene and safety of food is very important for food manufacturing and catering industries. It is their responsibility to teach the staff about proper procedures and responsibilities that they should take care of in preparation, sale or production. They also learn about the legal requirements needed in this sector and can ask all kinds of food hygiene course related questions by trainers.

There are three levels of Food Safety Certificate Courses. They are as follows.

Level 1: This is the beginner level of these courses where a candidate learns all the basics of food hygiene and security for the health of the customers who they are going to serve. This level is for the people who work in restaurants, caf├ęs or an organization which serves food to the people. The people who are taking this training certificate are not directly involved in the food preparing or cooking procedures as they are beginners in the catering industry.

Level 2: This level is for the people who are directly involved in manufacturing or cooking the food. In this level of course, you strengthen your basic knowledge about food hygiene and you also get training for how to handle all kinds of situations, practically. It involves managing situations like food poisoning, storage, cleanliness, contamination, etc. The whole training structure is so constructed that you will learn to manage every aspect and hazardous situation including legal responsibilities.

Level 3: This level is for the people for are at the apex and are responsible for supervising others. Such people in food and catering industry hold greater responsibilities and thus they need broader knowledge and problem solving skills. This is what you learn in level 3 training course. It involves high standard training because these people hold the prestige of their firm or business.

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